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Explore Italy with the Experts

Meet Jeni Moretti

Jeni Moretti is the President and co-owner of Moretti Wine Travel, and the co-owner of Los Olivos, CA-based Moretti Wines and Taste of Sta. Rita Hills. Her 30-year wine industry career, including education, winemaking, winery management, and sales and marketing, has focused on Italian wineries. 

From a young age, Jeni had a deep interest in exploring world cultures, drawing future travel inspiration from the pages of National Geographic. Her mother’s gourmet cooking introduced her to international cuisines—adventures of the palate that contributed to Jeni’s curiosity about world flavors.  

Jeni has traveled extensively, fulfilling most of her travel goals, including Asia, the Americas, and Europe, but can never get enough of Italy, where, “Each of Italy’s 20 regions is like a country unto itself, with its own food and wine traditions, landscape, and language accents and dialects,” she says.

Jeni has extensively explored the wine regions of Italy and California, spoken professionally on various aspects of the wine business, taught Italian wine education classes, and conducted more wine tastings than she can remember.

For the last 15 years, she has led consumer and professional wine tours to Italy and planned clients’ independent Italy trips. She combines professional experience and knowledge of wine, food, and Italy with her passion for travel and a desire to share her knowledge with others. She brings warmth, humor, and a down-to-earth approach that makes travel with her educational, meaningful, and a vacation to remember.

Jeni and Antonio, her husband and business partner, have a pied-à-terre in Antonio’s hometown of Macerata, Italy, allowing them to maintain their connections with friends, family, and Italian wineries.

Antonio serves as Jeni’s sounding board, accompanies her on scouting trips, and helps her fine-tune itineraries. Their combined connections with Italian wineries and winery owners open up opportunities to offer unforgettable experiences for clients.

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